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Snowbound: bad end 2

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Choose to pull the tag
(Phoenix's POV)

-> Pull tab To be honest, I do want to find out what it does. I pull the tab and there was a bright flash.

[ ??? ?? : ??]

Where am I? Why can't I move except for my eyes. those silhouette. are they people or are my eyes playing tricks on me.

???: Your highness, what an honor it is to have you here.
Bella: Your welcome Pikey. You called me saying that Cinderella has a new character in the story.
Pikey: yes. take a look.

A bright light shines as two giant figure hover of over me. It the queen, with a snowman. but why are they giant.

Bella: Oh he perfect fro the story. He make a perfect jester.

Wait what?! I looked around and see that the silhouette are the character in the story book from the storybook. I was trapped inside the story book.

Bella: Still it could use some more characters. and I just know where to get some.
Time passed and more people got added to the book. Sam was second one and turn into
maiden getting drunk. Kiki was added in as well, but she didn't appear on the page. Josh was added in as well and played the role of a knight. ... Soon character keep on appearing in the story. filling in minor OC roles. From maidens getting drunk, to dragons type acting as monter, to Wizardmon becoming bards. All of their freedom to make a choice in their life are stripped away, Stuck doing the same poses. Unable to die. We are nothing more than pastel on a piece of paper. All of us have came to one truth inside this world.

Bad end 2 : Once Upon a Time
It is better to face reality with choices, than to live in a fairytale with none at all.