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The Adventures of Pokemon Everywhere!: Snorlax's Transformation ep 2

by Pikachu the Ninja

Pikachu the Ninja
One day at the mountains a wild snorlax was sleeping soundly in a cave but on one particular day team rocket found him in the cav and started to use a device on him that they made. Snorlax then woke up a few minutes later and found himself as a munchlax again. In rage he went out in the wild and used hyper beam on other pokemon. Munchlax finally calmed down in a few minutes and remembered how to turn back into a snorlax, so he started eating everyones food everywhere and gobbled it all up. In the end Munchlax finally evolved back into Snorlax and went back to the cave and rested there for 42,000,000 millon years until he was hungry again.
The End.
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  1. Pikachu the Ninja
    Pikachu the Ninja
    Sorry guys if it was short I had to do planning but I promise that every single episode will be longer accept ep 3 so stay awsome guys!
    Apr 9, 2016