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snivy and mudkips advantire part 2

by leo the absol msater

leo the absol msater snivy and mudkip get in sticky problem
the next morning when snivy and mudkip get up mudkip good morning snivy good morning . some one knocks on the door mudkip I got it umbreon may I come in mudkip umm sure umbreon so your the new pokemon who moved in I thought It was one pokemon snivy um yeah it was suppose to be when we decided to go together umbreon I see mudkip so whats your name umbreon im umbreon im the peace keeper of this town sense everone gets in fights both of them I see umbreon okay I was just droping by to say hi I shall take my leave. so umbreon leaves mudkip hey snivy my main goal moveing here was to explore and go on adavtures in the deugons here snivy oh what are those mudkip there areas were some pokemon live and stuff like that snivy I see well lets go see one. so they head off to there first deugon joltick looks like we got visotrs a horde of jotick appre joltick lets tie them up sticky web mudkip and snivy black out joltick how dare you introde are cave gagachula im sure well have fun with you snivy please no ??? stop im espeon part of team light and if you land a single hand on them we will battle snivy huh team what do they mean by that mudkip I dunno gagachula we shall battle if we win we keep them if we lose we will leave them in peace espeon fine comne on chansey and lilagant we shall win this battle. so who will beat the battle will snivy and mudkip be safe or be captured forever find out on part 3