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SnaS Beggening

by Special Riolu

Special Riolu Six Nights at Specials!
SnaS Night 1

The guard was coming into the pizzeria, he was thinking that everything would be fine, but he didnt know that the animatronics move. He looked at the animatronics and laughed. Guard: "Why did i sign up for this again? Its not like the aniamtronics will move. *scoffs* This will be a peace of cake, or in this case, pizza." The guard walks over to the office, he checks the cam. Guard: "WHERE DID SPECIAL GO!?....." Special: "Lets go see our new friend, The Guard! " And that starts the first horrific night at Special's!
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  1. Localised
    nice I like to see more :3
    Oct 4, 2015
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