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smash bros forever

by kairiburned

kairiburned All the Mario smash bros characters have been there for a long time, and most have come to dislike eachother because of battles, well some of them are bros forever, smash bros!
Read first) me: Hi, i am... Well im known by many different names, one being moonglow, one being kairi... But whatever you wish to call me, I am still me... In this story I will go by Kairi, thats what my friends call me. I am playing smash bros right now, and im waiting for my parents to leave for work, once they do, the real story begins!
( intro) I was sitting on my couch lazily leaning up against my pillow, I had to have beaten this game in 1 player mode at least a million times, still no one understands how im not yet bored of this game, I've played it since I was 6 and i still enjoy it just as much today, I always play as link, as you all probably know, there is a vs score that tracks how many times each individual character has won in battle, my family took notice of this quickly and had everyone assign themselves a character, me of coarse being the biggest Zelda fanatic in the house, chose link, now dont be all confused as in " if your a Zelda fan why don't you play as Zelda?" No, its not what your thinking, I like the original games, not remakes, I play the original smash brothers, the one that was made for the Nintendo 64, yes I know that a Nintendo 64 is old, but I still love to play it, it is in great condition and still plays all my games perfectly.

I soon finished the 1 player mode for the 3rd time this morning on hard mode, thus reaching my goal, I took a break to make myself some breakfast, I made myself a bowl of cereal, as I poured the cereal into the bowl I daydreamed of smash bros, how my friends there would be so excited to see me later.
After I had finished my bowl of cereal I decided id play vs mode with the computer, and everyone always says "computer allways wins!" Not in my case, I always beat the computer and never once been defeated. I am the best smash brothers player in my house, nobody can beat me, the only one who comes close is my brother Ichiro and he plays as Kirby. My vs score, or should I say, links vs score is 1364 so far, im so proud of myself! Kirby, aka Ichiro comes in second at a low of 79.
Anyway, I was playing vs mode and decided to do a team battle, I of course play as link, my partner you haven't heard of however, my partner is ness. Hes been a real good friend. Trustworthy too, hed never let anyone hurt his friends, heck id trust that kid with my life! However he feels a bit different, I wouldn't blame him, hes been betrayed before, if I were in his shoes id have trust issues too. I quickly selected link and ness, and then selected samus and donkey Kong to go against, setting them both at level nine and ness at a low of 3, I continued to play, I selected the hyrule castle, as I do usually when I'm playing alone, I know the place so well i feel at home every time I see it, it is a beautiful castle, the roofs are all a deep green, my favorite color, why you ask? Because its the color I've been used to since I was 2, I've seen people play Zelda from when I was 2 and then finally I turned 6 and they said I could play. the very first game I lay my hands on was Zelda ocerina of time, its mt favorite and always has been, always will be. Green i am used to because in every zelda game, link wears a green tunic. Finally the battle begun and in short time link and ness had thrown samus and donkey Kong off the stage enough to take away all of there 9 lives, link had lost none, or maybe 1 or 2, I can't quite remember, ness had lost 3. Then when my parents left I invited my best friend Miyuki over, we would soon re unite!
( chapter 1)
"hey Miyuki!" I say excitedly as I open the garage door.
"hey Kairi" she said with a smile polite as ever, we walked to my living room where my Nintendo 64 lay, awaiting her arrival.
"how long have you played today?" She asked. "most of the morning" I answered.
She nodded and turned the Nintendo back on. She looked at me " are you ready?" She questioned. "as allways" I answered casually. Then, we both jumped into the tv to visit our friends. When we got in we looked around, the place wasn't very colorful and was mostly black red and blue, but we didn't mind, our friends made up for that! I started walking and Miyuki followed, I waved politely at fox. And he waved back, I knew he couldnt care less we were there but none the less he wasn't going to be rude. We continued walking and looking for them and finally a large green hat caught my eye.