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Fiction Rp: Sly Cooper: Clockwerk

by Shen: King of the Mist

Shen: King of the Mist Clockwerk. A metal mastermind fueled by a bitter hatred to wipe out his enemy’s family line. Clinically immortal and having lived thousands of years, Clockwerk has refined his intellect and had become a deadly bird of prey in all aspects. Every piece of Clockwerk is a weapon that can cause mass hysteria and panic, even when separated.

He is from our Fiction RP:

  1. Shen: King of the Mist
    Shen: King of the Mist
    @Retro Master

    Aw thanks! I’ve just been revisiting them myself. The nostalgia is real
    Jan 15, 2019
  2. Retro Master
    Retro Master
    It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything Sly Cooper related. Almost forgot how much I loved those games. Nice job Shen!
    Jan 14, 2019
  3. DarkHydraT
    Nope, I am Hydra and using an old joke
    Jan 14, 2019
    Excalibur Queen likes this.
  4. Shen: King of the Mist
    Shen: King of the Mist
    Jan 14, 2019
    Excalibur Queen and DarkHydraT like this.
  5. DarkHydraT
    Now that is a killer bird, and a bird Reaver would like
    Jan 14, 2019