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Sliggoo x Skunky

by FrouFrou

unknown (3).png
FrouFrou You can see more of this good bab here and here!

>> Intended to be the ultimate weapon: knockout gas + all-consuming slime

>> Absolutely tiny. Supposed to evolve into a mighty goodra hybrid that can KILL EVERYTHING LOL but... yeah, no. Nooope. That Isn't Happening

>> Will be very offended if someone asks her to sit down because... small leggies. Chairs. No.

>> Very smelly. Can't smell herself , but is hypersensitive to other smells. Does Not Like Baths, because they wash off all her slime.

>> Pink and furry and very embarrassed under the purple slime, and the shell's a cream colour. The slime itself comes from her antenna and drips down until she's coated.

>> (You could probably go to sleep on her lovely fluffiness after a bath, but be warned: you may wake up purple)

>> Lives with some other hybrid experiments in a lab, but also it's a very nice lab, no edginess here mates.

>> Sometimes the more evil of scientists take her for walks down the corridors and laugh maniacally as she unknowingly knocks out everything in sight. It's the high point of their week, shut up.

>> She has the intelligence of maybe an 8 or 9 year old, so she can be a bit precocious but she's not exactly megamind

>> Doesn't know anything about her original purpose, so no angsting there folks

>> Stretchy neck!!!!!