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Sleeping Mew Couple

by DemonMew

Sleeping Mews.jpg
DemonMew My drawing of Mew and Mewtwo cuddling in their sleep is finished :3

I have seen many stunning art works and comics of Mew and Mewtwo, some saying they are siblings, others saying they are parent and child, however I go by the movies where Mewtwo was created from a fossilised remnant of a distant Mew and therefore he is of no relation to the Mew in the first movie. In my art they are lovers with no blood relation to each other.

It is nice to see them both dreaming peacefully together, I also assume they would sometimes share dreams as they can both communicate telepathically. I wonder if they count Mareep to go to sleep? :\=|:

I hope to one day to actual comics of these two and other pokemon characters too :blush: I hope you all enjoy my picture :angel: