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Slashy the Sandslash

by Zamcio

slashy_pillow_lines.png slashy_pillow_sh.png
Toot, toot! Such a long time :o I was pretty lazy I guess...
Anyway, finally! I managed to make another work! :) I was inspired by fragment of RP which I joined few days ago (and huge thanks to @Hisseki for taking me!).
Basically it is Slashy ripping accidentally the pillow in his room in Pokemon Resort. What do you guys think?
(on the left some flowers in Bellossom styled pot and on the right Lampent styled lamp aaand I forgot about shadows on the floor ;-; )
  1. Hisseki
    Holy cow, that looks awesome! Great work!
    Jun 29, 2016
    Zamcio likes this.