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Skylar Wolf (My fnaf oc, in fnaf 2)

by PaintBox

WIN_20150503_160514 (2).JPG
PaintBox Name: Skylar Wolf
Nickname: Sky
Species: Wolf
Age: Unknown
Condition: Very Poor
Location: Skylar's Pizza Palace

I redesigned Skylar today. I like her new withered design better than her original design.
  1. OmegaPichu12345
    Can you make my OC? It's Henry Hamster, It's a yellow Hamster, with a paper hat, ears, a built on tounge,and crossed eyes. His back story? Was once from Little Creatures Donut House, until it got closed... The reason it got closed was because the injuries and the germs of the resturaunt. They say the injuries were from the animatronics. When Henry heard that by accident, he refused to attack anyone! Even if forced to... When Fazbear's Pizzeria saw the closing sign on Little Creatures Donut House, they asked them if they can have Henry Hamster, since then, Henry has became the "Joker" at Fazbear's Pizzeria from 2006 (That's when they ordered him) to so on. His AI is also 5. So make him look dumb!
    May 4, 2015
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