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Skye's Great Adventure: Skye's Great Adventure Chapter 2

by LokaMocha

LokaMocha Another installment of this! You guys seem to be enjoying this. owo
We find the trainer and shiny walking along side eachother in the forest. The two had been together for a couple days now, and had been in a couple hours. " I wonder what Pokemon we will find today! " The Charmander shrugged and wagged her tail while happily walking by her trainers side. The two had no idea that someone, or should I say, something was following them.
" YEAH!!! " Skye said as Ruby defeated another Wurmple. " I think thats enough training for today. " The trainer said as she turned and walked towards a tree. Ruby followed and sat infront of the tree before Skye got there. " Well, aren't you excited? " She chuckled and pulled some Pokepuffs out of a Seedot bag she had been carrying since they left. She handed one to the fire type and she left one for any wild Pokemon that was hungry.
Out of nowhere approached another Shiny Charmander. Ruby tilted her head at the newcomer and swung her tail back and forth. Skye smiled and placed a Pokepuff infront of it. " Hello newcomer! " She said as she gently patted it's head. It tilted it's head as well and nibbled at the Pokepuff, eventually eating in whole. Ruby walked around the other Shiny, noticing that something was off. The tail was fluffly and black with no flame at all. Ruby bit at the tail which caused the imposter to yelp and show it's true form. A Zorua.
The fox jumped onto Skye's head and yelped again as it watched the Charmander. Skye picked up the Zorua and held it gently. " Come now. It's alright. " She cooed as she held the fox. It eventually calmed down and ate some pokepuffs with Ruby. The three had remained there for a couple hours before Skye packed up the things. " Well, I guess it is time for us to be on our way. C'mon Ruby. " Skye and Ruby turned to continue their way out of the forest when the Zorua barked and ran infront of the two, sitting down and wagging its fluffy tail. " I guess you wanna join us? " The Zorua nodded and barked once again. Skye chuckled and threw the pokeball playfully at the Zorua which sucked the little thing inside. The ball shook three times before clicking. The trainer picked up the Pokeball and smiled, sending the Zorua back out. " Now. We have to give you a name. " The fox sat down at Skye's feet, his tail begginning to wag once again. " How about...Darren? " The Zorua shook his head with his tongue out. " Derrek? " Once again, a head shake. " Zack? " The Zorua barked happily, signaling that he wanted that name. " Alright! Zack it is! " The small group continued to walk through the forest, anxiously waiting the adventures that wait tommorow.
  1. CausticScarab
    Keep it up :) it's good
    Apr 29, 2016
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  2. LokaMocha
    Well, I have pretty much released all of their names so I guess it isn't that hard if you've been keeping track of my art. Thank you so much! I will continue this for as long as I can.
    Apr 28, 2016
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  3. Popplio
    WHY CAN I GUESS ALL THE NAMES THIS NEEDS TO STOP really good series, hope you continue! :3
    Apr 28, 2016
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