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Skye's Great Adventure: Skye's Great Adventure Chapter 1

by LokaMocha

LokaMocha I'm bad at writing, lol. Tell me if I should continue. :p
A girl dressed in a lime green hoodie and jeans bursted out the door of her cabin. " I'm gonna get my Pokemon! I'm gonna get my Pokemon! " She sang as she skipped down the woodland path to town. She thought in her mind which starter she would pick. " I like Squirtle, he's cute. But Bulbasaur is cuter. Man, but I like Charmander as well. " This continued on until she finally reached the lab. She sighed and opened the doors, gasping as she looked at all of the machines. " Oooooh ~ Pretty lights. " " Welcome! " The old proffessor said with a smile. " Hello there! " The girl said with a small wave and a returned smile. " I'm guessing you are here for your Pokemon, Ms..." He trailed on waiting to hear the girls name. " Oh, I'm Skye. Skye Lane. " She nodded her head at the old proffessor as she continued looking arounf the lab. " So, Skye. " The Proffessor pressed a button on a table and three Pokeballs appeared. " Which do you choose? " Skye looked at the three and placed her hands in her hood pocket. " Hmmm....I'll go with..." She placed her hand over Squirtle's pokeball than quickly took it away. "..nooo...." She did the same with Bulbasaur. "...not that one either..." She picked up Charmander's Pokeball and nodded. " I want this one! " The Proffessor smiled and nodded. " Charmander, eh? Wonderful choice. " He walks over to another table and gets Skye a Pokedex and Pokeballs. The new trainer looks down at her first Pokemon's Pokeball and presses the button in the middle, releasing it from the ball. The small fire type comes out with a burst of fire and sparkles. The Proffesor turns around and nearly drops the mini computer and capsule systems. " ..A - A Shiny Charmander?!? " Skye raises a brow. " Shiny? " She looks at her new Pokemon which just smiles at its new trainer, jumping into her arms. " Charmander! Char! " The Proffessor shakes his head and smiles. " Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare. I guess you made the right choice! " He hands her the Pokedex and Pokeballs and sends her on her way. Skye walks out and looks at her shiny starter, which was walking along side her. " We need to give you a name. " The Charmander wags her tail with a smile. " How about...Amethyst? " The Charmander shakes her head. " Let's see here...Tina? " The fire type shakes her head again. "Hmmm..." Skye snaps her fingers. " I got it! Let's try Ruby. " The Charmander's eyes sparkled and nodded, jumping into the arms of the trainer again. Skye chuckled. " Ruby it is! " " Char! Char! " The two walked out of town, happily starting their amazing journey together.
  1. Pokeshy22
    This. Is. Not. Bad! It's really cute and sweet!
    Nov 8, 2018
    LokaMocha likes this.
  2. LokaMocha
    Thank you guys for all of your support! I will be sure to continue this when I get the chance. ^^
    Apr 28, 2016
  3. Popplio
    Is it weird that i said when you picked Charmander "Oh, so your starter is Ruby!" xD Please continue!
    Apr 28, 2016
    SkyetheFabulous likes this.
  4. Kaben and Madeleine
    Kaben and Madeleine
    I love the story
    Apr 28, 2016
    SkyetheFabulous likes this.
  5. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    You should for sure continue! I'm now interested in the story so if you don't continue it I ain't givin you no more poptarts:)
    Apr 28, 2016
    SkyetheFabulous likes this.