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Sky Fulfills: Sky Fulfills. (Chap 1)

by DaVioletAce

DaVioletAce I think i have a tendency to do these. The schedule is on.. Tue - Wed - Sat. I might not be able to do the one on Wed, cuz' i have another thing to write. Anyways, SUMMARY!

Daniel think's he's one of billions who feels that the sky fulfills them. Is that true? Or is he very unique? Daniel's got a normal life, he thinks. A gang, a school, parents..or is that just a memory in this other story? Daniel likes to write, and what happens when he realizes he, in his old life, had a connection with an legendary named Lugia? What does happen indeed..
Chapter 1: The Sky Is Fragile As It Is Strong.

The sky is fragile as it is strong. He wrote, repeating the words in his head. "'The sky is fragile as it is strong.'" he said. "Perfect!" He exclaimed. Carol, his Level 39 Pidgeot hooted. He smiled. "Hey, Carol, shake is you don't, hoot if you do!" He said. Carol beamed. Daniel cleared his throat. "'The sky is fragile as it is strong.'" he pronounced. Carol squawked and squawked, then flew up and hooted loudly. Daniel shooed him. "Quiet! Mom might hear." he said. Carol nodded but never stopped staring at Daniel.

Two Hours Later..

"Dude, you're story -- or documentary, it's amazing!" Sally yelled happily. "It's perfect! I never thought the sky was so -- was so..interesting!" Navel smiled. "That's being dense. It was FANTASTIC!" Teresa yelled so hard that elders turned and stared. Daniel burned. "G-guys! Stop! You're attracting attenti -- " His mother stomped into the small spot Daniel, Teresa, Sally and Navel at had took. "You..You.." his mother stuttered. Daniel darkened. His mother was going to kill him. "You made a documentary!" her mother happily screamed and hugged Daniel. Daniel was speechless for a second. "Y-yeah, f-for the s-school.. c-contest.." he mumbled. His mother smiled. "I'll be home. Go work on your documentary.." she waved bye and left.

Daniel stared at where she was a few seconds ago. He turned. "Guys? Navel, Sally, Teresa?" he called. Teresa popped out behind him. "Yeah..?" she said. Navel came out clutching Sally's hand. "Yeah, bro?" Sally gurgled words and gulped. "Y-yeah, Daniel?" Daniel sighed. "I have a normal life. I have a fine life. I have you guys. And i love you guys." he said. "But, do you think i'm supposed to be doing this?" he asked. "What if i'm meant to die normal, be normal, with you, my mother, Carol..." he said. "What if i do this and my life falls apart?" he asked. Teresa was darkened, looking at the ground. Naturally, Teresa as a good writer of stories, Daniel looked at her.

"Well, Daniel. I..I don't know what to say. But i do know one thing." She said, slowly. "You deserve better. You've been the most shy and scared of all of us." She said. "But you have talent no one else can compare to. You are fragile as you are strong." Daniel stared at her. "You have such taste in things I can't match. I'm just a writer of stories, while, a documentary writer! Just..Daniel, remember why documentaries are made, and that will help you." she said. "I gotta go. See you next weekend." She smiled sadly. "You are fragile as you are strong, Daniel." She turned to Sally and Navel, tearing. "Sayonara, friends." She turned and left. Sally pressed Daniel's shoulders. "Holy Arceus.." he muttered. Sally sat down. "Navel's gone home. Do you need more advice?" She asked. Daniel looked up. "Teresa's words filled me, but..desperately. I need advice." Sally nodded.

"The only thing you have to remember is to choose. You can't always depend on people to choose for you." She said. "You have to remember that it is your life. Not ours." She said. "We're all depending on you. So Choose" she said so stiffly that Daniel shivered. And soon, Sally was gone. Daniel logged on his phone, turning on the first chapters of his story.

"You are fragile as you are strong."

"We're all depending on you. So choose."

"Man, i'm here for you, thick and thin. No matter how stupid your book is, i'll never stop."

"I love you, Daniel!"

"I am going somewhere better. But, son, please don't let others choose. You choose."

"You are fragile as you are strong." a voice said in his head. What..? That wasn't his voice..No matter. Daniel clicked on and read. After on, he would click on an article about documentaries. Then he would see.


Morning arrived at the wee hours of dawn. It was the start. But as Lugia gazed at the boy who it'd grown to, and sworn to protect..Lugia smiled. He would see soon.

Well, that's that. No words! Thanks, - Via.
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