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Skinny Love~ Vegeta x Shy! Reader -lime

by Wi Seong Kim

Wi Seong Kim Skinny Love: When two people love each other, but are too shy to admit it but they still show it.
Vegeta stood against a tree, his arms crossed firmly over his chest. He chose to ignore the world today. His eyes slowly trailed over to the group of Z fighters that were all sparring with one another.

Yet, there was always one thing that caught him off guard. And, this thing was a she. Her name is (Name) (Surname), a human. She was always shy and oblivious, yet strong for a human. Basically the equivalence in strength to Krillin, so still pretty strong.

It intrigued the Saiyan Prince as to why a female human would join such a task force, it might as well be her demise. Though, unlike most of the gang, she hasn't died yet. Which made him more and more attracted to the (h/c) haired human.

Raising a thick brow, he watched as the (h/l) haired brought a round-house kick towards his rival, Son Goku. Which, in hand, the giddy Saiyan man caught with a open hand, stopping her foot from hitting his face. With a light throw, (Name) skid across the grass and the black haired man ran towards her.

"She's sparring with Kakarot... Tsk." He mumbled silently to himself, his dark eyes glaring towards his Saiyan rival as the human back flipped out of the way, to avoid getting hit.

As the sparring grew long, (Name) was starting to lose the energy to continue, she unable to block a hit towards her stomach, making her fall. Goku stopped almost instantly, extending his hand towards the smaller human.

"You've gotten really good, (Name)... I have to admit I'm impressed." Kakarot, as Vegeta put it, compliment, helping her up. As soon as she was standing on her feet, his large hand came to ruffle her hair with a large grin on his lips.

"T-thanks, Goku... M-means a lot from you." The short (h/c) haired woman answered in response. The man in front of her was basically her idol, to hear that she was strong to him was a real pride booster.

"You're welcome." He responded happily and started walking off. "Hey, (Name). You coming?"

"Yeah. Give me a sec. I left my bag by the tree." She replied, running towards where Vegeta stood. Goku, of course, just headed back towards the camp. Everyone was over there, it was like a camp out for all of the Z Fighters, during the small time of peace, which gave them all time to train.

Running up to the tree, she saw her bag leaned up against the tree before she noticed a being. Which, due to her luck, just happened to be Vegeta. Her crush.

"Oh. Hey, Vegeta." She greeted awkwardly with a blush on her cheeks. "Just getting my stuff." She went to grab the bag from next to the Prince's feet. Her hands gently grabbed the material of the strap attached to the bag, she lifting it up and standing rather awkwardly after placing her bag on her shoulder.

"You did a good job today." The Prince of all Saiyans said randomly, a light pink tint on his tanned cheeks. He noticed how her face lit up, making her (e/c) eyes look away from him.

"T-thank y-you, Vegeta..." Came her embarrassed and rather flustered response. First Goku and now Vegeta! Did the gods hear her prayer?! 'Thank you, great god in the lookout.'

"Hmph..." Vegeta murmured silently, he cheeks, too, were a reddish color. The atmosphere around the two soon became thick with awkwardness and tension. So thick, that one could cut it with a knife. Even a butter knife or a plastic one, that someone might acquire at all mall or school cafeteria.

"I-- Um--" (Name) stuttered out, her head turned away from the Saiyan Prince and her right hand gripping onto the bag's strap. "I'm g-going to head t-to camp." But, before she could leave, something stopped her.

"Wait!" The Saiyan said all too quickly, making the woman in front of him look at him. "I--" His words started getting caught in his throat, he didn't know if he should say anything about the feelings he keeps hidden under his ego.

He was in love with the human, that much was obvious. Yet, when it came time to face these emotions, he used his pride and ego to showboat how much love and care didn't matter to him.

(Name) was in the same boat for this one, she indeed loved the Saiyan. Which most of the Z Fighters could see. Sadly, she was turning into a classic Yamcha before he had dated Bulma, all the way back in the time of the all powerful(*cough* not in the slightest *cough*) Emperor Rice Pilaf! Yet, that was when the team was 12 year old Goku, 16 year old Bulma, 16 year old Yamcha, 9 year old Oolong and 9 year old Puar.

Which was a long, long time ago, mind you.

"I-- I have to tell you something." Said the embarrassed Prince quickly, which caught the female's attention. He couldn't find the right words. His mind was running a mile a minute, while it was also as slow as a snail. What was wrong with him right now?!

"Oh...? What is it, V-Vegeta?" The human woman asked the man, her cheeks still a red tint. Her (e/c) eyes searched his dark ones, maybe trying to find what he was going to say. But, she could only find a neutral look in his glassy, night sky irises.

"I l--" He just couldn't say it out loud at the moment, too much damage to his pride if he got rejected. Instead, his hand gently gripped her shoulder and brought the smaller female into his grasp. In an instant, his lips found her own.

(Name)'s eyes widened at the foreign touch, before her eyelids slowly closed themselves, she melting into his grasp and kissing back. Without even noticing, her hands cupped his cheeks and deepened the kiss. She couldn't help but run her thumbs lightly over his cheek bones, her cheeks red.

Vegeta felt an instant boost to his pride as she kissed back, making him pull the human closer to him. His left hand found its way to her (h/l) (h/c) hair, he running his fingers through it. While his right gently squeezed her bottom, making her gasp.

It became the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth, exploring it fully. The kiss became very passionate and heated, but people need air, making the two part the kiss. Gently nibbling on the human's bottom lip, The Prince parted from the kiss, a string of saliva between them as they panted.

"I love you, (Name)..." He said finally, looking at her heavily flustered face with a slight smirk. God, his pride was on fire right now.

"I-- I love you, too, V-Vegeta..." The woman replied, heavy breaths leaving her lips. What had just happened? She thought it was a dream. But, no matter how many times she tried to find out that she was just dreaming, she found that she was really in the Saiyan Prince's arms. It was perfect.
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