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OC's: Sketching Note Ref. Sheet 2

by Star.Prince

Star.Prince If you cant see the white on the colors, that's fine.

Age: 13 (Human years)
Body Structure: Skinny, but smaller then teenage height and taller then filly height
Family: Two Older Brothers, and Three cousins
Nicknames: Sketch, Blue, Pastel
Likes: Pie, Cake, her family, friends, the zodiac, video games, drawing, singing, ghost stories, gardening, playing instruments, and pastel colors
Dislikes: Waking up early, Hearts and Hooves day, Avocado, and Bright Colors
Personality: She's normally very up beat, but goes into random states of depression. Can be very jumpy in dark places, and-even though- she hates Hearts and Hooves day she's a romaniac. She's very sarcastic and can be lazy at times, but other wise a very determined pony.
Cutie Mark: An eight note (cut in half) and a tip of a pencil
Cutie Mark Story: When she was in the first grade she deiced to be in the school talent show, she made a song and drew the cover to it. After her performance there was the cutie mark she had today.
Backround: She came from a family of five, when her parents left her and her brothers when the oldest one turned eleven. He became almost a parent for his younger siblings and they now live just a little out-side of ponyvill in front of a pond and field. When they moved to the new house Sketch deiced to take up gardening as her hobby, it made her feel calmer and happier. Now today she has musical gigs at nearby restaurants and plays four different instruments.
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