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Sketch Attempt: Gardevoir

by The Celestic Warrior

Pokésketch - Gardevoir.png
The Celestic Warrior Gardevoir; the Waifu Pokémon.
In all seriousness, because I started using her competitively and because of how much ass she's kicking in my EXP Shareless playthrough of Pokémon X, she has quickly become one of my favourite Pokémon and has become as much of a team staple as Gliscor, Weavile and Jolteon... Dunno if that's good or bad but ech.
Can't say I'm terribly fond of her Mega though.
I decided to put in a mouth for the sake of it, though I think I ended up making her look rather childlike here. Must be the smile, the head size or the length of her arms. Eh. I guess if I were to make my in-game Gardevoir an OC like most people do (Alice. :3) she would be that way with a touch of badass. So ech.