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Pokemon Trainer Adventure: Sinnoh Chapter 2: Pokemon Catching

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Characters/Pokemon before:
Flame- Eevee, Chimchar
Mal- Braixen, Pawniard, Piplup
Aspen- Cyndaquil, Zorua, Piplup
Evil People;
Harlin- Pyroar
Casey- Tyrantrum
Jack-Abomasnow, Avalugg
Isaac Willow- Golett

Eevee- Tackle, Swift
Chimchar- Scratch Ember
Braixen- Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Fire Pledge, Fire Spin
Pawniard- Scratch, Furry Cutter, Feint Attack, Metal Claw
Piplup- Pound, Bubble
Cyndaquil- Tackle, Smokescreen, Ember
Zorua- Scratch, Pursuit, Fury Swipes
Piplup- Pound, Bubble
Pyroar- Tackle, Ember, Headbutt, Fire Fang
Tyrantrum- Dragon Claw, Stomp, Bite, Ancient Power
Abomasnow- Wood Hammer, Grass Whistle, Ice Punch, Ice Beam
Avalugg- Avalanche, Ice Beam, Gyro Ball
"Hey I heard that the first gym uses three pokemon." Mal said.
"What, I only have two." Flame said.
"If Eevee can even battle." Mal said.
"True." Flame said. "Lets go catch some pokemon."
"We will meet you in the pokemon center in the next town." Mal said leaving with Aspen.
"Looks like its you and me Eevee." Flame said and a Shinx walked by.
"Chimchar your up." Flame said. "Chimchar use Scratch." Shinx was weakened. Shinx used Tackle and weakened Chimchar.
"Chimchar use Ember." Flame said and Shinx was weakened.
"Pokeball go." Flame said and caught it.
"Chimchar return." Flame said. He headed to the city when a Riolu appeared, but it looked different than the one in the pokedex.
"Eevee use Tackle." Flame said and Riolu was weakened. Riolu used Quick Attack and Eevee was weakened.
"Eevee get up and use Swift." Flame said and Riolu was weakened.
"Pokeball go." Flame said and Riolu was caught. He went to the pokemon center carrying Eevee because she was weak. He got his pokemon healed and met up with his friends.
"Dont forget to register for the Sinnoh League." Aspen said. Flame registered and they went to the gym.
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