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Sinnoh adventures part 4

by Random boi

Random boi
In jublife city.hey drey what you are going to do?.first i train and after i are going to get a Pokétch.wow you are reserved.and you zac i are going to trainer school so meet ya later.....1 hour later....hey drey look at this.quilava!.riolu!.wow a quilava and a riolu yeah quilava evolved in a battle and a trainer called Riley gived me the riolu.lets oreburgh!.zac you are going to catch more Pokémons?.
Yeah how you know?.you bag is full of pokeballs.oh.i are going to the gym so meet ya later.i roark oreburgh gym leader you want a battle?.yeah!. So lets begin! Go geodude!.dude.go turtwig!.twig!.turtwig seed bomb!.turtwig!*PU*dude.....geodude! Go cranidos.cra!.turtwig seed bomb.Turtwig!.cranidos headbutt!.*PAF*cranidos...turtwig seed bomb!.cra!*PUF*.you reserve the coal badge.yeah i get the coal bagde!...........continue
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  1. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    Oh I love how you make the Pokemon say their names.
    Jul 22, 2016