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Singing and Laundry

by Takinas

Takinas Mewtwo observes a human oddity being displayed by Ash's mother while he is passing through Pallet Town. Needless to say, the behavior was peculiar, but who was he to judge?
Disclaimer: Pokemon and all names affiliated with it are the intellectual property of the Pokemon Company and Nintendo. This is just meant to help me get over a cold.

Pallet Town, a small town tucked away in the Kanto Region. This town is known all-around as the home to Professor Oak, inventor of the first Pokedex. It was also known to most humans living in the region as the home of a trainer named Ash Ketchum.

It was a pleasant enough day as the soft April shower began, when a lone figure settled on the rooftop o Professor Oak's laboratory. Deep amthyst eyes looked at the small town objectively, trying to discern if it was a good place to rest or if the tall creature should move on.

This town...is very peaceful. I feel calm just observing it.

Mewtwo was startled out of its reverie by the sound of a human voice singing merrily from a residence a little ways to the left of the lab. Curiosity defeated caution as he easily floated from one location to one adjacent to the source of the singing. There, singing as she folded what he assumed was laundry on an enclosed back patio was a woman with reddish-brown hair and a face that seemed to him familiar for some reason.

"April showers bring May flowers, that's how it is and that's it goes", the song went. It was a rather cute little melody Mewtwo considered, and also rather true. That was a saying he had often heard discussed and argued between by a man and his Beedrill. The Beedrill was right of course in that regardless of the month you would get flowers from water and ground. Except of course the seasonal variety.

"Ouch!" Deliah Ketchum exclaimed as her hand tensed up. Lately, her hands hadn't been as steady as they could be. The doctors had told her before that she needed to rest between activities if the pain persisted, but Mister Mime was off delivering something for her and laundry needed to be folded now that they were dry (thankfully before the rain started).

Mewtwo watched silently as the human rubbed at her palm with her fingers. It seemed to him that she possibly had either pinched a nerve or was developing what humans called 'arthritis'. Deciding what to do took little to no time to think. Without even budging from his hiding spot, he began using telekinesis to fold the remainder of the laundry in the basket.

If I am lucky she will believe it is that Mister Mime's doing and not investigate.

Mewtwo wasn't quite that lucky. Just as he had finished, he looked down to see the smiling woman below the building looking up at him. Then it hit him, the woman looked like the boy with the Pikachu. Reluctantly, Mewtwo found himself in the Ketchum household having tea and would have that melody stuck in his head the remainder of spring.

  1. Marie Ravenclaw
    Marie Ravenclaw
    Deliah (or Delia, I don't remember which spelling) actually is her dub name...it begins with an H if I remember correctly for her Japanese name, but I tend to stay away from fics that use the Japanese names, so good chance that what I remember is wrong

    interesting little oneshot though
    Mar 16, 2015
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