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Sing - Original Creepypasta

by TrainerLillie

TrainerLillie My original creepypasta that I wrote because I was bored. :p

I was searching the internet, and an ad popped up. It was one of those ads that said you have won something, like a phone or a car, but things like that are never true, and often scam people.

This one was different though - it said I had won a free copy of "Pokémon White", which was cool, since I had owned Black once.

I clicked on the ad, and it said it was already on it's way to my house, which was weird, since I never give any details like that out.

A couple minutes later, I heard my doorbell ring, but I went outside and there was nothing there. Nothing.. except a little brown parcel with the Pokémon logo on the front...

I picked it up, took it to my room, and unboxed it. Inside it was what seemed to be a normal copy of Pokémon White. I put it into my DS, and started it.

When it opened, the theme song wasn't playing... It was this weird singing voice.. It wasn't Pokémon White.. It was Pokémon "Melody".

Being me, I was curious, so I proceeded. There was no "New Game" option, only a save file, with a male trainer named Adam. He had all 8 badges, and had beaten the Elite Four. He only had one Pokémon in his party, though. I clicked on it, and it opened up to a cutscene.

Adam was standing with his only Pokémon, which was a very low-level Meloetta. Adam was in a battle against a Ratatta, and he sent out his Meloetta.

Adam told his Meloetta to use sing, but a text box showed up that said: "Meloetta can't sing right now!", and they proceeded to lose the battle.

Another cutscene showed Adam scolding his Meloetta for not singing, and slapping it for disobeying. Then, the screen faded to black, and when the image returned, it was yet another cutscene, this one of the Meloetta crying and running away. Suddenly, the screen switched over to Adam. He was in tears too, searching for his Meloetta. The screen faded to black again.

The next scene showed Adam a couple weeks later, with a new Meloetta. He was very fond of this one, and the new Meloetta was fond of him. They were strolling happily through a park, when a dark figure approached them.

Then, Adam heard a beautiful voice, like that of an angels. The figure in front of them became clearer: Adam's old Meloetta! He could also hear the old Meloetta's faint voice, saying that he punished it, so it was Meloetta's turn to have revenge...

There were two screams. One from myself, and one from within the game. I accidentally dropped my DS as the screen flashed white.

When I picked my DS back up, the next image came on... It was the old Meloetta, holding a bloody knife, and Adam and the new Meloetta laying beside them, their throats slashed. The old Meloetta was saying that it finally got it's revenge, and then it turned so it was sort of "looking" at me. It said something I didn't quite hear, and then my DS crashed.

I took the game cartridge out immediately, being horrified of what would happen if I loaded it back up again, and threw it out on the street, hoping that a car would run over it. When I finally saw that it was "destroyed", I knew I could rest easy. Later that night, I went peacefully to sleep.

The next day, I woke up, assuming that was all a nightmare. I went to grab my phone to check the time, but my phone wasn't there. Instead, it was a tattered copy of Pokémon "White" with a note on top, that said "You're next..."
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