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Simple Description

by ClaireMax

ClaireMax I want to see how good my work is. This takes place in an alternate universe. Please critique if you can!
The sun slowly sank beneath the horizon, dragging down with it brilliant lines of orange, yellow, and purple. The sky faded to a deep blue color, dotted with stars. And slowly, the planets began to rise.

Tonight, they were even closer. The twin planets loomed over the side of the hill, and everyone on this side of the world could see them. A luminous silvery azure, the planets came to the highest point of their ascent. There they would stay until the day came.

A small house lies in a meadow, a ramshackle fence drunkenly guarding the overgrown yard as wind whips past. The aluminum door creaks open. A small girl, with short brown hair runs out, barefoot. Clutching the fence, her tiny frame sways in the gusts, watching the planets get higher and higher. She reaches out, as if to touch them, though she knows that they are far away, too far for any man to reach right now, though they seem close.

She runs back. The door clanks shut, and the night is silent once more.

(I know it may be bad, but I haven't written in AGES. Thanks,