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Silver's Journey: Silver's Journey: Chapter Two

by AliTheDarkTrainer

AliTheDarkTrainer (Sorry I got off track, but now im back to the two per week, also italics glitched out on my tablet so I had to use caps instead, just a little warning)
The barking and talking slowly faded and yet, still no one made any movement until they were sure. Spike made a sigh of relief, "That was more than a little close don't you think." The bellossom ignored Spike and contined her sentence, "Our protector, The kind and powerful Shaymin, will keep you both safe. Silver shook her head, "No! I won't just sit here and wait while the forest I grew up in is destroyed!!!! There are many pokemon that are unable to flee... I want to help those who can't." Shaymin spoke, "If that is what you wish then so be it, but always know that we will be here if you need us." Silver replied, "Thank you." Spike and silver left the cave. Spike cut off the silence, "You do know what your getting into, right?" Silver answered his question, "I do know, but I only did it to try and protect the pokemon within the forest." Spike asked Silver a second question as they traveled back to the forest, "Do you have any idea what our kind was like before the humans took control of us?" Silver snapped at his choice of words, "HUMANS DID NOT ENSLAVE US!!! WE CHOSE THIS PATH!!!" Spike stepped back. Silver apologized, "Sorry that's just a topic that pokemon normally get wrong. We used to stand equal to humans, eat at the same table do the same things, we could even marry humans, but it was OUR choice to be commanded by humans not theirs." Spike responded surprised, "I never knew that? Where did you hear that from?" Silver responded, "My mother told me that story, she always told me that she was a lot older than everyone thought she was." Spike responded, "Sounds like your mom knew a lot about ancient history." Silver spoke shyly, "She did, she knew many things others didn't..." They came across a group of soldires, one of them spoke, "Too bad we lost one of our BEST search mightyena..." Another responded, "ONE of our best, how about THE BEST search mightyena. He was commander, the closest to Stormflake, which we still don't know if she is a person or a pokemon..." Silver whispered, "Stormflake?" Spike responded, "Yeah she is the leader of this whole operation. I think the may be an electric type pokemon, because when there is a video call from her I always hear sparks nearby" One of the soldires turned around and the duo darted towards the forest...