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Silver's Journey: Silver's Journey: Chapter Three

by AliTheDarkTrainer

AliTheDarkTrainer A new road begins for the duo, as they meet someone new who helps them on their journey.
They continued to run as fast as they could, Silver stopped, "We lost them...," she said trying to catch her breath. "Good! Now what do we do?," Spike asked. "I think we should-," she was cut off by someone stepping on a twig. Spike looked at the pokemon, it was a Togetic. "H-Hi there, s-s-sorry if i startled you," the Togetic spoke softly. "It's fine!," Spike told her. "Who is in the bush over there?," Silver pointed to the bush. "It's o-ok Dusk, you can come out now....," the Togetic said. An Absol came out from the bush, he stood tall and strong as if he weren't afraid of anything. He bowed slightly at Spike and Silver, "I see you discovered my sister, Dawn." "My family adopted Dusk when I was only a Togepi, he is like a big brother to me...," Dawn said proudly. "Introductions aside, Silver and I are trying to get to someone called Stormflake. Do either of you know her location?" Dusk shook his head, but Dawn spoke, "I do..." "We need to find a plan to get inside her base then!," Silver said. "There is only one problem, if we do make it we won't last very long, she has an attack called Icy Rage. It can freeze any pokemon and even using a fire attack to thaw out won't work!!!" Spikes ears flattened, "What do we do then?" Dusk spoke, "We have to lure her out by herself, I doubt she would know that you had escaped from the soldiers, so you have to go in and lure her out to the forest... If you agree to this then you have to do it alone..." Spike to a deep breath and then spoke, "I agree..." They started off to Stormflake's base.