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Silver's Journey: Silver's Journey: Chapter One

by AliTheDarkTrainer

AliTheDarkTrainer Silver the tiny shiny eevee starts her journey from the moment she hatches, but will it end abruptly after all her work?
Silver was born to the proud parents of a Glaceon named Glacierheart and a Zoroark named Shadowstorm. They were worried that Silver would not live because she was so small, but she pulled through strong. As she grew older she learned many things, but before she could learn her last lesson a group of Mightyena and Luxray had destroyed the forest. There were humans with them, but during the battle against them her parents had been killed... Silver had ran as fast as she could to escape, and every pokemon she came across she ran past. She had never learned to battle... She had managed to escape the forest without any incidents, but when she did she started to cry. Her family gone in the blink of an eye, she heard a twig snap and jumped up. As she turned around a golden colored Mightyena came out of a bush. She slowly stepped back and the dog pokemon spoke, "Hey, don't worry i'm not here to hurt you, honestly I escaped those soldiers myself, call me Spike!" A leash dragged behind him attached to a collar around his neck. Silver responded shyly, "I-I'm Silver" Spike nodded to Silver, "It's not safe here we need to head to the center of the field" they headed towards the center as pokemon looked at the weirdly. The pokemon then grabbed them and guarded them as they were taken to a cave. A bellosom spoke, "You will be safe here with our protector," it pointed to Shaymin a mythical pokemon. All of a sudden barking could be heard from outside they all stood silently waiting...
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  1. LokaMocha
    I love this! Please continue. :love:
    Jul 11, 2016