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Silver's Journey: Silver's Journey: Chapter Five

by AliTheDarkTrainer

AliTheDarkTrainer A new friend comes to help them, but what is she hiding?
The five sat together around a fire in a cave, none of them spoke for a while. Spike broke the silence, "At first I thought this would have been easy, but now I'm not so sure........" Silver tried to comfort him, "Don't worry Spike we can do this!" Dusk wasn't so sure either, "Maybe not... Stormflake is way more powerful than the five of us combined together..." A Shiny ninetails entered the cave and spoke calmly, "There is no reason to give up, countless pokemon are counting on all of us..." Dawn asked, "Who are you?" The ninetails responded, "My name is Luna, I have encountered Stormflake before and she does have a weakness, she gets easily distracted by those who try to attack her when you aren't her target." Dusk stood ready to attack, "And how do we know that we can trust you!" Luna responded, "That's up to you. Will you trust me with the information I have given you or will you turn away your only chance to stop Stormflake?" Dusk relaxed, "Good point..." Silver asked Luna a question, "How did you encounter Stormflake?" Luna avoided the question, "I know where we can get help to defeat Stormflake... but they are very far away..." Spike responded, "We don't have any other choice..." Mr. Cheeto got up, "Doth you all understand what caneth happen to us?" Silver replied, "Of course we do!" Luna spoke, "Then we should get going..." They put out the fire and left the cave to find the pokemon that would help them.