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Silvally! (On Paper)

by GotToBeMoreCareful3000

GotToBeMoreCareful3000 Just drew Silvally! But it's on paper tho. I'm a little better on paper, as you can see with the Eevee and the Poppilo. But heres Silvally. It took me today to finish. (I Couldn't get the name and the whole picture right..so it's only just the head, sorry ;_;)
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  1. GotToBeMoreCareful3000
    Thank you! And your welcome since this may is your first time seeing a Silvally drawing on the site :)
    Feb 8, 2017
  2. Fiji Water
    Fiji Water
    I think this is first time I have seen a Silvally drawing on this site that wasn't requested by or made for me :love:
    It's beautiful, I love the shading ♥
    Great job~
    Feb 8, 2017