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Ultimate Fists!: Silent Fist

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The next member of the Ultimate Fists
She was born in a village of strong fighters. She did not talk much, unless it was with her best friend, a young Riolu. She trained in the small dojo but never liked to fight. She was a Meditite by the name of Maya. She liked her simple life and hoped to forever stay that way. But, that changed.
One day, while the master Luk was gone, the village was attacked. Before Maya could react, she was tied up and taken away along with others from her village. Down the road, she was sold off as a slave. There she sents years chained and doing hard labour. The work was so heavy that eventually she gained enough power to evolve into a Medicham.
Maya knew her owner would soon lock her away to starve to death, since a pokemon evolved was to strong to control. Her owner was a nasty Mismagius. Before anything could be done on Maya she escaped, telling the rest of the slaves that she would one day return to rescue them.
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  1. Hecotoro
    Sorry xD lost the inspiration and then came back after a long time
    Jul 26, 2019
  2. PokeStorm
    Never mind I found it. Forget what i said about the background. This was just so long ago that I didnt realize it was here. Maybe the writing needs to come a little more often...
    Jul 25, 2019
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