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Sigma vs Ridley

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Sigma vs Ridley
Sigma stomped around the city, laughing. Finally, the two Maverick Hunters that caused him so much pain and defeat, X and Zero, were defeated by each other! Now, he could rule the world! He looked around his to be kingdom, seeing frightened people, robots and a giant purple dragon. Wait, what? Sigma was knocked back by the dragon, Ridley, clawing him in the chest. Sigma growled and glared at the creature. “WHO AND WHAT ARE YOU!?!?!?” Sigma roared. Ridley laughed, evilly. “I am Ridley, the strongest dragon ever! And I found out you are trying to take over the world! 1, that’s my job, and 2, I go to this planet for vacations! SO DON’T YOU DARE TRY TAKING THAT AWAY FROM ME!!!! DIE!” Ridley shouted as he fired a purple fireball. Sigma dodged and readied his blaster. He fired at Ridley who flew up. “Let’s see who’s the better baddy. Me, or some ugly lizard!” Sigma shouted. Sigma teleported, landing on top of Ridley and punching him. Ridley shook Sigma off and sent a plasma blast at him. Sigma growled as he fell down, and took out his saber. “Behold the power of your future overlord!” Sigma yelled, and began slashing Ridley repeatedly. Ridley growled, then slashed Sigma. Sigma and Ridley began slashing at each other fast and strong, both of them started to be cut. Ridley then flew up higher and flew down extremely quickly. Sigma jumped up and slashed at his Mega Man X rival, only for his saber to be knocked away and was eaten. Ridley laughed, but was shot in the stomach from the inside. Sigma jumped out, now surrounded in purple. He began flying and punching the dragon. Ridley screamed in pain, then was slammed down into the ground. Sigma laughed before taking out his spare saber. He jumped down and looked at Ridley’s body, not moving. Ridley’s eyes opened suddenly, and he roared, flying up. He was now Meta Ridley. He began slashing Sigma extremely fast, before shredding his body to pieces with 3 swipes. Ridley lit Sigma’s robotic parts on fire with a plasma blast. Ridley flew away, laughing.
This fight’s winner is: