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Sidekicks Episode 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox A series about Sidekicks explaining their life. First up, the most recognised sidekick ever, Luigi, the Green Capped Thunder.
I was born in Brookyln, 1984, March 10th. 2 minutes after m big bro, Mario Jumpman. Me and him were inseparable, always together. One day, we were kidnapped by some mean guy named Kamek, but he lost are cage and we fell down to a island. I remembered being scared, and my brother trying to comfort me. We were found by a green dinosaur and his baby green one. Me and Mario befriended the baby one, which we called Yoshi, and we called it's parent, which we considered are savior, Big Yoshi or Mama Yoshi. I was cared for deeply along with my brother, and after a restless adventure, were found by Mom and Dad. The two Yoshi became part of our family, and everything was great. Soon, we met two girls who were are age at the time, 4. Their names were Peach, who Mario was attached to, and the most beautiful girl I've met, Daisy. Mario and Me always played with them, we were best friends, and it turned out that are female friends were princesses. I got an idea, and told Mario later that day. We would become their knights. Mario started grinning like a maniac, and agreed. He would look after Peach, I would look out for Daisy. Soon, we befriended a baby ape at a Zoo. It was named Donkey Kong, DK for short. Mario thought it's name was cute, but I was mad. Why would they name such a adorable animal Donkey, like it was an idiot. Still, we were attached to DK. One day, it was aloud to go around the zoo freely, allowing us to play with DK. 2 years later, when we were six, we met Mario's first rival, Wario. Wario was like the exact opposite of Mario, mean, greedy, and actually, not a total slob. His yellow color scheme fit in with mine and Mario's, so we did befriend him. The 6 of us, Mario, me, Peach, Daisy, DK, Wario and Yoshi were a team, always together, having each other's back. But something horrible happened. One day, Bowser attacked, and killed many people in the place we had moved to, The Mushroom Kingdom. It first attacked the zoo, and DK was sent flying out of the kingdom after Bowser attacked. I developed a large amount of fear after that. I was terrified of almost everything. I was a coward. But, now that I have aged, and faced Bowser over 50 times and won, along with developing a rival named Shadow the Hedgehog, I have earned to control electricity, and become more brave everyday. Thank you for taking your time for reading this, as this is the end of my life. So far anyway. I'm only 30.