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Side Story's: Side Story: X1 Mask

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan The story of X1 Mask
Cody woke up to a voice close by "help me please help" the voice said as Cody got up and follow the voice to a Dojo when which a young child appeared the center of the Dojo setting down. "Who are you" Cody ask the little girl "im Chloe the guardian of the Earth and Aura" Chloe said as he began to float in midair "woah" said Cody as he try to see if there was a anti-gravity switch but found none. "I need your help" Chloe said as she turn around to face Cody "i need you to use your Aura Cody" Chloe said "but why" Cody ask her "Because Zone if coming to Earth soon and i need you and other's to help me" she said as she turn to face a giant statue that open up to reveal a secret passageway "follow me" Chloe said as he began to walk down the passageway "okay" said Cody as he follow her down. When Cody reach the Final step he saw a a large Laboratory underneath the Dojo "cool Lab" he said as he started to walk around the Lab "look Cody" Chole said as she turn to face a computer screen that show a future event in time "Cody for now on i need you to become X1 Mask the legendary hero and i also need you to bulid the Masky Machine's" Chole said as she started to meditate and called forth five people to save the Earth. But the a earthquake occurred to which Cody fell over but Chole was unaffected "it is time" Chole said as she face Cody "go to the park quick" she said as Cody left for the Park. When Cody got there he saw no one there "weird" he thought to himself as a Fireball was thrown at him but he quickly duck in time "show yourself" Cody order as a old men step out from behind a tree "hehehehe" He chuckle as he stop in hsi track's "why hello there young one" he old man said as he put his hand out for Cody to shake. Just as Cody was about to shake the elderly man his hand then turn into fire "Woah" Cody called out as he jump back to see the man turn into a fire Monster "who are you" said Cody as step back some more so he wouldn't be set on fire. "The name's is Flame Master" the Monster said as he put his hand out to motion some nearby people who took off your face is a reveal a group of foot soldiers in disguises "who are they" Cody ask ready to fight "there called Masky's and they are the Foot Soldiers of Lord Zone the rightful ruler of Earth" Flame said as he shot a another Fireball at Cody but he rolled out the way. A voice came to Cody "Cody you must use your Aura" Chole telepathy communicated to Cody "how do i do that" he ask but the couldnt get the answer as Flame sent the Masky's to attack Cody but he started to fight them pertty well untill they fuse into one Power Masky. "Cody to transform you must called out Henshin and and meditate with your Aura" Chole said to Cody "got it alright Henshin" Cody called out as a Green light appeared over him and a Green Warrior walked out from the Light and the Flame Master was surprise. "Who are you he" Flame ask as he sent the Masky toward's the Green Warrior "im am X1 Mask" he said as the screen turn to view X1 Mask pose for a better view as X1 Mask run toward's the Masky ready to fight it. "Take this" he said as he Punch the Foot Soldier koncking him back and taking out a sword "Cody i must Warn you the power are in the Prototype phase so you only have a one minute sequence before cool down starts" Chole said as Cody started to take hit's form the Masky "Got it Chole" Cody said as he try to land another hit while Falme started to teleport "See you next time X1 Loser" Flame said he went back into Space to Lord Zone. "Chole how do i end this quickly" Cody ask as he kept slashing at the monster "use the X1 Slash" Chole as Cody Channel his Aura into a finisher attack "X1 Slash" Cody called out his finisher to cut a X into the Masky pushing him back. Cody turn around and and change back to normal as the Masky fell back exploding in the progress "yeah i did it thanks Chole" Cody cheered out was he walk back to the Dojo Chole greeted him with a hug "Good job out there" said Chole as she fell asleep "Good night see you tomorrow" Cody said as he left.
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