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Katie's Kalos Adventures: Sick Day

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto Laverre City is know for it's beautiful landscape and fairy-type gym. However, it's also known for being damp, cold, and all around miserable in the winter. So it's not surprising that Katie could get sick. (taking a break from the main adventure. Based off of when I got a horrible stomach bug!)
The morning is like ice. Literally, there is literally ice on the ground. Why are they not putting salt out? God, you hate this city. You curl up tighter in your blankets and give Sasha a gentle squeeze. She shifts her position in your arms, and eventually, just rolls out of them. Great, well there goes your "portable heater". Grunting, you sit up and immediately, goosebumps are all over your arms and legs. Oh sweet lord-. You stand up and stumble over to the trash can near the pokemon center's door. And puke your guts out. Oooohhhh gooodddd. A nurse runs towards you, "Oh gosh!" she says, "Do you need some help?" You internally roll your eyes as sweat drips into your open mouth, no thanks just leave me here to wallow in my own sickness. Of course, that would be what you might say if you weren't trembling like a dying spinda. Instead, you just nod and she brings you a heated blanket and leads you to a seat on the couch where you had been sleeping. "Wait here I'll be right back with some water and ibuprofen." You sit down and pull the blanket up to your neck. At least somebody cares enough about you, you glare at Sasha. The nurse is back within a couple of minutes, an audino at her side with a pillow in its little nubby paws. You try to say thanks, but only a small grunt comes out. Well, at least you think it's a grunt? You're not exactly lucid enough to tell. The nurse, in turn, gives you a smile and leaves the audino with you. A tiny name-tag is attached to a lanyard on the pokemon, and with a quick flash of the eyes you're able to read it. Oh sweet lord it's name is Cottonswab. How cute is that? OK, NOPE NOPE! You lean over a nearby trashcan and puke again. Well isn't this lovely?
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  1. Artsygam3r
    This is good.
    Jan 22, 2016