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Siblings' Devastation

by NightRaven

NightRaven This drawing basically goes with the one about Raven's death. Midnight and Shadow, Raven's siblings (and, yes, Shadow has a new design which I'll explain later.), found out about her death here in a story form:

The rain fell harshly as lightning lit up the sky. Midnight and Shadow crouched down under a tree to shelter from the harsh weather. "Great StarClan!" Shadow hissed. "Has it ever been this bad?" Midnight shook her head.
"Only a few times had I heard of weather worse than this," The black-and-blue she-cat murmured. "And that was when RiverClan's camp was flooded before!" Shadow pinned his ears back.
"I'll be going hunting," Shadow meowed as he darted out of the shelter of the tree, the rain causing his fur to be plastered to his sides. He looked around.
"Mouse-brain!" Midnight called from under the tree. "You won't find prey around in this storm! Maybe we should just wait until it ends!" Shadow was about to argue, but held his tongue; it'd be best if he didn't retort. He padded towards his sister, muttering as the two curled up beside eachother, hoping to warm up a bit in the cold rain. Luckily, not long after, the rain ended, and the night sky was no longer covered in clouds. The two padded out from under the tree and wandered around, scenting the air.
Suddenly, Midnight halted.
"Midnight?" Shadow mewed nervously. "What's wrong?"
"Raven." Was Midnight's only response before she bolted towards the bottom of a cliff, catching the sour tang of blood within moments. Shadow followed behind her. As he was running, he heard a wail from his sister; something was wrong. He began to speed up before he nearly crashed into his sister.
"Midnight?" Shadow murmured. "Is everything-" he stopped mid-sentence, only to see a pitch black she-cat lying on the ground, in a pool of her own blood, covered with fresh, still-bleeding scars. He recognized this cat;
"Great StarClan!" He yowled. Midnight just sat there, staring at her body, shivering in horror. "Raven?" Shadow murmured, prodding his unmoving sister's side. There came no response. He caught the scent of death, along with noticing that her fur was cold...
she was dead.
He pressed his muzzle into Raven's fur, along with Midnight. "I guess this is goodbye..."

(Just so you know Shadow is now a gray tom with green eyes and one darker paw. The others may have a different design later, too. Also, there is no background because I kinda rushed it.)
  1. NightRaven
    Don't worry; she's not dead forever...right? I may kill her off soon in the roleplay, just so you know, but she may return later.
    May 5, 2016
  2. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    -screams that sound like a dying cow-
    May 5, 2016