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Shrieking Mountains: Shrieking Mountains Chapter 3

by Belladonna Valkyrie

Belladonna Valkyrie Mkay, so, now this is we're the fun happens... Fights, loss, screaming
All fun stuff, read on peeps.
Lucy quickly called Zero after the Neko left and told him to come immediately. Zer came and when he saw Lucy he exclaimed, "Lucy! What happened to you?" "The Neko attacked me, force fed me something, then ran away." she said giving Zero a sad, pained look. "I guess I was wrong about Nekos, huh?" "It seems so. Let me bandage you, then, we'll go to my house. We can't go to a hospital, we can't have
the authorities asking what happened." Zero said grimacing while he bandaged her side the best he could."Yeah, you're probably right, although I feel a bit faint." Lucy said and she did look a bit faint and green in the face. Zero rushed her to his house, then, right as they walked in Lucy collapsed and started to cough and choke uncontrollably. "Lucy! Are you okay? What's wrong?!" Zero asked, frantic to save her. She started to cough up blood, then, she said something, gripping Zero's sleeve, "It was..... Green..... Mushroom.... Ooze....." Then, he head lolled and her grip loosened. "No! Lucy! Wake up!" Zero cried. After awhile Zero fell asleep next to her cold, lifeless form.

Kirito was awaiting outside of Zero's house when the Boogeyman appeared to Kirito."I will take care if this one, seeing as your methods inconviently left one alive." the Boogeyman looked casual but Kirito knew that the look ment he was infuriated. Kirito cowered then said, "Yes sir, I will be here incase, but I beg you to remember our bargain." The Boogeyman laughed then snarled in Kirito's face, "You won't be getting your precious family back if you fail me." Kirito swallowed hard, the nodded, and watched as Zero came out of his house and the Boogeyman closed in. Zero surprised them both by saying, "What're your intentions Boogeyman? Are you planning to take over again? Or maybe you just want a little 'kingdom'," Zero said sarcastically. "I like this kid," the Boogeyman said, "He's got guts!"
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    Necko Neko
    This kid has a sausage and cheese biscuit...
    Jan 23, 2016
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