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Showcase Dream

by PriorSapphire

PriorSapphire Violetta is an aspiring Pokemon Showcase Performer... at least, that is what she is in her head. Violetta is actually the daughter of Electra, the current Electric type gym leader of Fourtree City. Her mother wants her to be a gym leader, but that just isn't Violetta.
"Go Dragonite! Use Dragon Rage!" I shouted. That move was all it would take to wipe out the trainer that was challenging me.
His Emolga cowered in fear. I shook my head at the lack to teamwork between pokemon and trainer. When my Dragonite hit Emolga, the yellow and white pokemon fainted.
"That's it. Violetta wins!" the referee said. The trainer ran up to his Emolga, grabbed it, and ran out of the gym without saying anything.
The single clapping from the row of chairs startled me. I turned to see my mother, Gym Leader Electra. She was the gym leader of Fourtree City as she specialized in electric type pokemon.
"Great job dear!" she praised me. I smiled, but it was fake. "You'll be gym leader in no time."
I didn't even try to complain. Every time I tried to tell my mom that I didn't want to be gym leader, she shut me out.
"Now, what are you going to do?" she asked. At that moment, a ray of sunlight shone through the window and hit my mother, causing her sparkling robes to shimmer even more.
I squinted my eyes in attempt to see me mother past all the shimmering. "Practice more with my dragon type."
She glanced at me approvingly. "Very good. But why can't you at least try to train an electric type? They are the most dazzling, you know."
I rolled my eyes. She was starting to sound more and more like Gym Leader Elesa of the Unova Region. "Sorry mom, dragon types are who I was meant to train."
She didn't even hear me. She was talking to her many admirers about her ideas to update the gym.
I dashed out of the gym into the beautiful day. I ran past the trees of Fourtree, laughing everytime I stepped into a pile of leaves. I found my favorite tree and let myself fall into the many leaves that were piled up there. I watched the clouds pass by. Why doesn't my mom understand that I don't want to be a gym leader?
When I was younger, I had always went to the nearby city of Lillycove to watch the showcases. Ever since, I would secretly practice being a showcase performer. I have performed in one, even though I lost. But I'm never giving up. I will be a showcase perfomer!

I glanced up at my mom. Her face was red with fury. "How dare you surrender in a pokemon battle?"
"I had to! She sent her pokemon to attack me! Not to attack my pokemon, but me!" I defended myself.
She scolded at me. "That's besides the point. Why didn't you just take her Noibat off?"
"It was digging into my skin!" I answered. The place where the claws had hooked on to still were red.
"That's it!" she said. "I am contacting Winona. You need to learn what it means to be a real gym leader."
"No need," a voice called from the door. We turned to see Winona.
"Winona, I need yo-" my mother stopped when she realized that Winona wasn't listening to her.
"Violetta, come with me," she said.
I followed the former gym leader around the city until we arrived at my favorite tree. Winona's eyes were calm and understanding. "I've noticed that you have taken a liking to this spot. It used to my favorite spot. I would come here to think whenever there was trouble in the city."
I nodded. I came here for the exact same reason.
She continued. "I've been watching some of your battles in the gym. You have been doing very well. But I understand that you don't want to be gym leader."
I looked at her. "How did you know?"
She laughed. "You just told me." She paused before she kept talking. "Also, I notice the light drain from your face and eyes whenever you battle. It makes me mad that Electra doesn't consider what you want to do.
"So I came here to ask you for a favor."
"What is it?" My heart was beating fast. Maybe I don't have to be gym leader after all.
"I want you to be gym leader. But also a showcase performer. I've been talking to the owners of the Lillycove showcases. We thought of an idea where you can do special gym battles during showcases."
I blinked. That was a great idea!
"Of course!" I smiled. I was filled with joy. "I-I've never thought of that before. What will happen to my mother?"
"Electra is being fired. I've heard complaints from the city that said she never battles and is giving away gym badges that weren't earned."
I knew what my mother would do after she was fired. She'd probably leave Hoenn, just like how she left Sinnoh, Unova, and Kanto.
"Violetta," Winona said as she stood up. "I'm hoping you don't fail me."
"I won't Winona. I promise I won't!" I said eagerly.
"Well then. Why don't we tell your mother the news?" Winona said. I stood up and followed Winona back to the gym.

These past few weeks have been the best weeks of my life. After my mother was fired, she left Hoenn, like I knew she would. I created a new kind of battling called showcase battles. The people of Fourtree and Lillycove love them.
I'm so glad I could pursue my dream, as well as become a gym leader. If it hadn't been for Winona, this all probably wouldn't have happened. Thanks Winona.