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Random Writings: Short Story~Inspired by the game 'The Long Dark'

by Iceblossom

Iceblossom You have faded into The Long Dark...
I shivered. I was freezing and I had eaten the last of my pork and beans yesterday. I had left the Trapper's Homestead in search of deer meat, and had not found any yet. "The wolves are howling..." I groan. My condition was at 20%, so if a wolf attacked me, I would be dead meat. Literally. I hear growls behind me. I break into a sprint and I didn't dare look back. I heard more growls ahead. I was trapped between two wolves. Suddenly, a dark figure lunged at me. A wolf had pounced on me from behind. I cried out and struggled against the paws of the dog. My condition was going down fast. 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%... I gave up, and faded into The Long Dark.
  1. Iceblossom
    It's very short and roughly written, but I think it's not that bad... I hope.
    Dec 28, 2015