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Shiny Arbok! (Read Desc)

by Vlamepainters

Shiny Arbok.jpg
Vlamepainters :)Hello! This art was inspired by my first shiny caught in a real game! It was a shiny Ekans, but now its a beautiful gold Arbok! After 5 horde encounters I found the shiny Ekans! Shortly afterward I found a shiny Bellsprout, in which also evolved into a Weepinbell. I will be making more shiny art with my captures! The soon ones to come are shiny Weepinbell, Remoraid, and maybe Octillary.:)

Don't forget to visit the links below!

:halo:MY CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpdA1Ix4A_P9AmgwbqJjtQ (Vlamepainters kmh)



:'|NOTE: I haven't uploaded my shiny Remoraid video yet during the release, but it will come out soon!
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