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RP-related art: Shinobi’s Dawn: Kikyo is *not* an arsonist

by =Nightshade=

  1. sSoul
    I love how she radiates gremlin energy in their art lmao.
    Jan 30, 2021
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  2. Shikowara
    This is great XD
    Jan 19, 2021
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  3. E.K.A.N.S.
    No, she’s obviously not an arsonist. Just because she’s laughing maniacally in front of a fire doesn’t mean she started it. Assuming otherwise would be racist
    Jan 18, 2021
  4. DarkHydraT
    'We didn't start the fire!'

    That's right, Kikyo did. It looks amazing!
    Jan 16, 2021
  5. Godjacob
    It's so beautiful ;-;

    Good stuff XD
    Jan 16, 2021
  6. kyuukestu
    Damn, you were spot on, you can't be exposing my combat strategies like that Lmao
    Jan 16, 2021
  7. Retro Master
    Retro Master
    "Burn peasant"

    Yep, this seems pretty accurate to me lel
    Jan 16, 2021
  8. Schrift
    I knew they had hair brushes and chain brushes by fire too? My my I must explore more about the app and not just do half sketches and abandon them in the void of my gallery.
    Jan 15, 2021
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  9. =Nightshade=
    @Schrift uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    IbisPaint texture packs go brrr?

    Prbly coulda done it from scratch if I wanted but I am L-A-Z-Y ;u;
    Jan 15, 2021
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  10. Schrift
    I love it, finally relatable art lmfao

    great art as always, how did you do the fire?
    Jan 15, 2021
  11. Gamingfan
    Starting this art series strong Night XD.
    Jan 15, 2021