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Tsuki's Notebook: Shinobi Profile: Shura Hyūga

by sSoul

sSoul A brief description of Shura Hyūga, an OC which belongs to @Rohan Kishibe like the others, he is from the Naruto AU RP.
Shinobi: Shura Hyūga
Home Village: Kohanagakure(Hidden Leaf)
Home Clan: Hyūga Clan

Completed Missions
D Rank: 30
C Rank: 16
B Rank: 2
A Rank: 0
S Rank: 0

Known Jutsu
Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, Genjutsu(has yet to be used)

Ninjutsu: 4.5(Excellent)
Taijutsu: 4(Above Average)
Genjutsu: 1(Below Average)
Intelligence: 4(Above Average)
Strength: 3.5(Above Average)
Speed: 4(Above Average)
Stamina: 4(Above Average)
Hand Seals: 3.5( Above Average)
Weapon Usage: 5(Excellent)

Fighting Style: Using hyper mobility to blitz and overwhelm his opponents
Defining Character Trait: His adaptability to all situations, whether his weapons usage plays a factor in that is unknown.
Signature Jutsu: TBR (To Be Revealed)