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ShEpTaLe!!: ShEpTaLe!! (Overworld Sprites 1)

by OmegaNave

OmegaNave I am making more sprites, but for a new universe... A universe where everyone is replaced by Pink Sheep, Purple Shep and ExplodingTNT characters! Here are the characters that have been changed so far:
Frisk: PuRpLe ShEp!!
Toriel: MoMmY eNdEr DrAgOn!! (The Ender Dragon)
Asgore: DaDdY pInK sHeEp!! (Pink Sheep)
Sans: UnClE fAiLbOoT!! (Failboat)
Papyrus: Mr. MoUsE mAn!! (ExplodingTNT)
Undyne: Homie Dolphin (One of Pink Sheep's closest friends)
Dr. Alphys: Ducky (Purple Shep's pet dinosaur)
Mettaton: Seth (Purple Shep's closest friend)
That's it so far! I'm really happy with how Pink Sheep turned out! If you have any suggestions for other characters, or don't like my decisions so far, tell me in the comments!
  1. BooBerry
    LOL! The title laughs for me XD. I CAn NoW TaLK iN PUrpLe SheP iN PeaCE riGhT noW! <.>
    Sep 8, 2016