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Shaha Region!: Shaha Region Legendaries : Bahazal

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain the second Legendary of the Shaha region, part of the disaster trio
Hi guys! Today I'll be talking about the second of the Middle East/Persian/Egyptian based Shaha region fakemon Legendaries! today it will be Bahazal!!

Species name: Bahazal

Type: Water/Ground

Pokedex entry: It churns in the depth of the great eastern seas of the Shaha Region, Its mighty leaps bring spring and when told by Arceus it causes earthquakes and Tidal waves to punish humans

Ability: Colossal Waves - the pokemon reveals its true size as it splashes in the water, making water type moves do x1.33 more damage and all pokemon weak to water type have all their stats lowered by one

Appearance: a big slim and long bronze fish with a golden tail and 3 pairs of golden fins, two pairs are kite shield shaped and the third pair at the front is longer, wider and looks like a webbed clawed hand, black eyes with two yellow rings, it has red bull horns, a jaw filled with 3 rows of fangs, red crystal spikes lining its back as a back fin, getting longer the further down the back it goes before getting shorter as it gets to the tail

Signature Move: Tectonic Dive/water type - Bahazal leaps into the air and lands crashing into the ground causing it to Quake doing damage and creates a cloud of dust and sand with 30% chance to lower the accuracy all enemies, if rain is active the sand and dust turn to mud and slows the enemies

Name and Design Origin: Bahazal's name comes from Bahamut, the mythological creature its based on and "Zal' Zala" which is an arabic word for "Quaked", the Bahamut was a huge fish said it was so big that if all the seas of the world where placed into one of its gills it would be like a mustard seed laying in the middle of the desert, in pre-islamic Arabian myths its said that there was a giant black snake dwelling in a mass of darkness, that darkness supports a mass of water, in that water floated the Bahamut, who supported a mass of Sand, which acted as ground for a giant bull, who supported a giant ruby which supported the angel that held up the 7 earths, as you can see from the description the bull horns, crystal spikes and ground typing are references to the bull and ruby, and the ability is a reference to its size

Tell me what you think in the comments!
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  1. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain
    @StellarWind Elsydeon I agree that none of those types are threats to Bahazal but some can learn damn good grass moves that Bahazal is ×4 weak to, also yes I invisioned him bulky especially with the ridiculously big size mentioned in myth

    "If all the Seas where placed in its Gill it would be like a mustard seed laying on the ground in the middle of the desert"
    Nov 15, 2016
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon
    StellarWind Elsydeon
    "Well, you see, when a Whiscash and a Kyogre love each other very, very much..."

    Now that I got the immediate snark out of the way, nice of you to dig up a relatively obscure myth like Bahamut and make it into a Legendary - and I already noticed a certain theme with the legendary names, combining the mythical creature and a word in one of the languages native to the area that is appropriate for its nature - this ends up producing a name that both has a "fantasy creature" sort of name and still has some kind of a meaning - and as names are difficult as hell, I can certainly approve. Somehow I get the sense of this creature being slow and bulky, with a great deal of HP and sturdy enough defenses, probably more geared towards special attacks than physical attacks. Did you envision it differently?

    I like the images the design gives me - I've noticed the thematic resemblances (the crystalline spikes, for example) tying the thing together to Maardicore together with the references to the rest of the fish's myth and I approve of the cohesion this gives them as parts of the same trio. The versatility of the signature move (nice blend of Sand-Attack and Mud Shot) is certainly interesting (although the chance of the secondary effect may honestly be a bit much). Also, same comment about the reduction of all stats by ability being overpowered and exploitable that I had regarding Maardicore's ability applies here as well (and though there are less types weak to Water - Fire, Rock and Ground - none of them are a particular threat to Bahazal).
    Nov 15, 2016
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  3. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    It sounds awesome
    Oct 20, 2016