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Shadow the Hedgehog vs Bass

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Shadow the Hedgehog vs Bass
Shadow flew through Eggman’s castle, ready to finally end the doctor. When he got to the main lab, he saw Eggman with another scientist. “You’re telling me that your robots can defeat those speedy animals?” Eggman asked. “Yes, I’m sure my Robot Masters, Bass, Zero and Ray can defeat those stupid rodents!” The other doctor replied confidently. “Well, first is this black one who can use the Chaos Emeralds. Who do you think can beat him?” Eggman asked. “No One.” Shadow answered, barging through the metal doors. “AH! It’s Shadow!” Eggman screamed. “ATTACK, Bass!” Wily, the other doctor, yelled. Suddenly, a black human like robot entered the room, aiming his buster at Shadow. Shadow got in a fighting position, and the two began. Bass began shooting Bass Blasts, which Shadow countered with Chaos Spears. Bass then jumped up and shot out multiple Jewel Satellite. Shadow flew away and shot another Chaos Spear barrage. Bass used Flame Blast, and multiple fire blasts came up from the ground. Shadow dodged some, but was grazed by some too. Shadow used the Spin Dash, which Bass countered with the Rolling Cutter. Shadow broke throw and Bass was knocked over. Bass then used the Water Wave, and began shooting harpoons. Shadow dodged some, but was nailed in the arm by one. Shadow used the Spin Dash again, rolling quickly towards Bass who countered with a Bass Upper. Shadow growled and became Super Shadow. Bass panicked, but was instantly barraged by many Chaos Spears, the energy balls, then time stopped itself. Shadow and Bass had both stopped time with the Time Stopper ability and Chaos Control. Bass and Shadow began fighting very quickly, the super powered hedgehog gaining the upper hand. Though fighting in normal speeds for them in the stopped time area, they were faster than light in Eggman’s and Wily’s eyes. When time returned to normal, Bass was kicked down onto the ground, and Shadow was about to finish with a literal spear made of the Chaos Energy. Bass closed his eyes, waiting for his end, but then got an idea. Just as Shadow fired, Bass sent a Magnet Missile to counter. Treble, Bass’ dog, came to his owner’s side and they fused. Super Bass and Super Shadow began punching and kicking each other, then Bass sent out the Ultimate Bass Shot. Shadow countered with a Chaos Blast. As they were concentrating on nailing each other, Shadow began fading, going from black and red to silver. Shadow, knowing that this very well could end his life, concentrated harder than ever. But suddenly, Bass began pulling through and Shadow returned back to normal. Bass then launched his attack full on and Shadow screamed. Bass dropped down as Shadow was vaporised. Bass and Treble un-fused and Bass walked over to Eggman. “I-I think that we have a deal, Albert.” Eggman stuttered, grinning widely. Wily and Eggman shook hands as Bass and Treble paw/high fived.
This fight’s winner is:
Renimo and Ristopher like this.
  1. Renimo
    As much as I love Shadow I knew Bass would win
    Nov 22, 2015
  2. Ristopher
    Dude... Super Shadow is invincible
    Jul 10, 2015