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Shadow Hill (Drabble)

by Sy Kage

Sy Kage A quick idea draw I put together some time ago, just reworded a bit.
Drip drip drip drip...

Rain poured down onto the muddy ground below. The sound of my shoes crunching in the dirt could be heard from a mile away. It seemed like there was going to be a storm, but the trees up high blocked out any way of seeing the dark clouds above.


A zap of lightning can finally be seen through the leaves blowing wildly in the dark trees. I ran faster up the muddy path, the sound of my feet following.

Crunch, rip. Crunch, rip.

Ducking down into the gloomy bushes, I take shelter behind the purple ivy. Hopefully I would be safe there. Peering out the opposite side of which I had entered the bush, I saw an unbelievable sight.

A mansion, higher than the clouds towered above me, massive gates swung open, welcoming me in. Stepping out of the bush, sounds that could only be from my nightmares filled my ears.

And so, I never returned from that dark, misty hill.