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Ask: Seventh Response and Help, Please

by Il Fantasma

Il Fantasma Question asked by: @Kat~Raichu

I'm considering adding Stalaquese to this, but I'd definitely need to get rid of a few of these guys. Who should I lose to gain my Fakemon: Abby, Benji, Cate, Ellis, Parsley, Opel, or Roze? I'll probably only keep about two or three, so choose wisely. The choice is now up to you! This is explained better after the ask.
[​IMG] : Man, I'm bad at keeping up with these, eh? You guys have another question, though!

[​IMG] : No need to worry, buddy. I can wait on answering.

[​IMG] : Yup, I have a good feeling you're going first. You're nothing but annoying, but before that choice is made, you really need to answer this.

[​IMG]: Choice? What are you talking about?

[​IMG] : I'll explain after you all answer. Here's that question, coming at ya from Kat the Alolan Raichu! She asks:

Do all of you guys prefer Decidueye x Incineroar or Decidueye x Primarina? If so then why? (Don't blame me for this XD)

[​IMG]: Well, I sure won't blame ya! I have to say I ship Decidueye x Incineroar, 100%! That's just such a badass relationship, y'know?

[​IMG]: You make a good point there, Cate. Gotta agree with ya on that one. Well, I answered. What's this "you're going," business, huh?

[​IMG]: Don't you listen, Roze? You have to be patient! As for who I ship, it's Decidueye x Primarina. They're so cute together, especially if Decidueye is super awkward around her!

[​IMG]: Ship? What's that?

[​IMG]: I feel like you asked that before, idiot. I ain't explaining again. Who I ship, though... probably Decidueye x Incineroar. I just think they look better than Decidueye x Primarina, but I can't tell ya why, exactly.

[​IMG]: Oh, yeah! Like who looks good together, right? Probably Decidueye x Primarina. Benji read my mind!

[​IMG]: B-But he's not a... n-nevermind... I a-actually-y sh-ship I-I-Incineroar x P-Primarina... I-I know that w-wasn't a ch-choice, b-but...

[​IMG]: No need to worry, kid! Ship who ya wanna ship, right?

[​IMG]: Couldn't agree with ya more. Ellis?

[​IMG]: *blushing* Uh, probably Decidueye x Incineroar, for reasons, but really, I like either.

[​IMG]: You're blushing why, exactly?

[​IMG]: This is new, isn't it?

[​IMG]: It is, ain't it? I have your answer for ya, though. He... He really ships himself with Primarina. *laughs*

[​IMG]: *le blush deepens* C-CATE!

[​IMG] : *le also laughing* That's gold, Cate. Thank you for sharing!

[​IMG]: Someone please end my suffering. Please.

[​IMG] : Oh, about that! You all answered, so now I can explain what I was talking about earlier! See, there's too many of you guys. It's starting to be a bit much, and now there's another newbie I really wanna introduce, so I have decided to start a sort of poll. All your lovely readers have the opportunity to vote for their favorite Pokesona! I'll keep score at the end of this work. The two or three 'sonas with the most votes will stay here, and the others will get a sort of permanent break!

[​IMG]: ...Permanent break, you say?

[​IMG]: Nobody vote for me! This is perfect!

[​IMG] : We'll just have to wait and see, eh, Ellis? People might like to watch you suffer. Who knows?

Anyway, that's really it for now. This might be the last time you all are together, until I announce the winners of the poll, so give this goodbye all you've got!


[​IMG]: Seriously. Nobody vote for me.

Pokesona Poll

Abigail: 0 votes

Benjamin: 1 votes

Catherine: 1 votes

Ellis: 1 votes

Opel: 0 votes

Parsley: 0 votes

Roze: 0 votes
  1. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    Looks like Benji wins, then! xD

    Benji: Can I get a what what~?

    everyone else, excluding Ellis and Abby: What whaaat~!

    Yeah, I have no idea what happened to the pictures, @Excalibur Queen, but they've disappeared from all these works for some reason. Now I can barely tell who's saying what! Send help...
    Mar 21, 2017
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  2. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    I can't see the pictures so it's hard to tell who's saying what. I'd probably at least have voted for Benjamin. Prior seems to like him.
    Mar 21, 2017
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  3. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    Cool! Thanks a bunch, @AspenTR33! I'll add your votes to the list. Ellis will just be overjoyed to see them.

    I'm currently working with Silver-Solis in a desperate attempt to make the annoying half of this bunch bearable, although I can already tell Abigail's gonna be quick to go. What'll Benji think of that, hm? I honestly dunno. Have to come up with something. xD

    Let's just hope there's still room for saving, although I'm probably gonna end up using your votes, since I really like Cate, Benji, and Ellis over a good gist of the others. But still! We must wait to see the final results!

    ...If we get anymore votes. Rip.
    Jan 11, 2017
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  4. Cloudswift
    Hmm...Who should stay...I really like Catherine and Benjamin, so my votes definitely go to them! ^^ Heck, if I can, I'll vote for Ellis too. :p
    Jan 10, 2017
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  5. BooBerry
    Budo: 0-0
    Scar: *Faints in the background*
    Citrus: I KNEW IT!!! <.>
    Jan 3, 2017
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