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Volcanic Tribes: Setback?

by messenger

messenger The Fletchinder prove harder to handle than thought, giving the clan leader a visit from Totem.
Five pokemon stood in a grassy patch, highlighted by the dying sunlight. A few birds squabbled with each other ferociously, stray rows of fire launched in each direction. Chief heaved a tired sigh, frustrated by the results of training attempts.

His mind turned to more cheerful thoughts while he gave orders for the return of the Fletchinder to their tethers. The foreign female Cubone had finally grown strong enough to own a personal bone club and helmet. The semi-formal ceremony didn't stop her from swinging the weapon around like a newly hatched human with a toy. Then again, one more of the Kalos eggs had cracked open today, revealing a male with an abnormal dark stripe down his back. The leader of the Marowak tribe hoped it wasn't a sign of sickness; this male seemed more fragile than his relative. At any rate, the hatchling enjoyed helping care for the birds.

The enraged squawks of territorial avians quieted after a few moments. Keeping them from seeing each other had proved somewhat helpful, but Kiawe might have materials to assist in taming their rebellious spirits further.

A sweet smell spread through the patch of grass, accompanied by the hissing all pokemon in Wela Volcano Park associated with the local totem. "Hello, Virule." Chief greeted quietly, mentally thanking Arceus he had no need to breathe. Virule showed herself and grinned down at the bone keeper. "Sssso, you kept sssome Fletchling from King Magmar?" The ghost's reply was quick. "No, Totem Salazzle. These are different recruits. Our clan has chosen some outside route conscripts to train in replacement."

Virule's eyes narrowed. Considering the fellow leader's words, she slipped away as apparent by the fading of her poison's scent. Chief was not fooled by her actions, however, knowing that she was not satisfied from the little information he had given and would try to figure out through other means.

As the light faded from the sky, blue-green flames intensified in heat and lit the ghost camp like the stars were doing above.
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