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Ennen Creatures: Set 9

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 9.png
NonAnalogue The grey-feathered savior is an exceedingly rare bird that lives only near the peaks of the tallest mountains. Nobody has ever been able to figure out how this eyeless, mouthless bird survives, but legend has it that travelers that were in the vicinity of these birds have been able to escape life-threatening situations after seeing the events unfold before their eyes. The grey-feathered savior doesn't get its name from this, though; its name comes from its discoverer, Feather "Gray" Sayviere. Element: life

The piranghle lives in rivers and streams near the ocean. It feeds on the ankles and legs of would-be swimmers, as well as smaller fish and just about anything else that happens to be in the water near it. The piranghle is notable for being one of the few species that cannibalizes itself apparently for the hell of it. Element: water

The diptrian is common in urban areas and areas with a lot of rot. Individually, the diptrian is an easily-dispatched pest that is none too smart. However, when diptrians swarm, they link to each other using a unique neural pathway. In this way, they can increase their intelligence and coordination. Many a messy homeowner has been chased from their house by diptrians swarming in the shape of a lethal weapon. Elements: balance, earth