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Ennen Creatures: Set 7

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 7.png
NonAnalogue The Aisling sentry is a rare sight in modern Ennen; it's a relic of a people long since gone. When travelers stumble across one, the Aisling sentry will activate, flash several colors in quick succession, and, if the unwary traveler refuses to leave, will sink them into a deep sleep that could last up to several days. During this time period, the Aisling sentry will attempt to move the offending traveler out of the area, but as the Aisling sentry is roughly the size of a human head and lacks limbs of any kind, this tends to be difficult. Element: dream

The wardrobber is often found in closets and dressers. A small, shy creature, it sneaks into houses and makes its home inside an article of clothing. The wardrobber is not dangerous on its own, but it can be somewhat annoying to put on your favorite hat and hear a 'squelch'. Oddly, the item of clothing that the wardrobber prefers differs from place to place. The top hat wardrobber seen here is common in urban areas. Element: surprise

The about face is a rare creature, usually only found in places where particularly violent deaths have happened in the past. The about face carries with it at all times the face of its last victim and will use the face to intimidate and frighten other potential prey. It is not picky about its prey and will attempt to feed on creatures as small as a snivelworm and as large as a dragon, to varying degrees of success. Elements: death, fear
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