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Ennen Creatures: Set 5

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 5.png
NonAnalogue The foliage artist always cloaks itself in a pile of leaves and debris. It possesses the ability to make illusions, and so it can make itself look like just about anything else that's roughly the same size. It's carnivorous, and uses its ability to trap big prey. Many an unwary hunter has tried to fell a wild turkey or something similar, only to be set upon by what seemed to be an angry pile of leaves. Elements: plant, surprise

The soothstone is normally found in caverns deep inside mountains. It's said that one can see the future in the smoke that it emits. It is also notoriously ill-tempered and anti-social, and it will withdraw into its rock body when it senses activity nearby. Elements: rock, time

The puffern, when shocked, will inflate its body with a lighter-than-air gas, and so will slowly float out of reach of any threats. Notably, the puffern doesn't seem aware that it has this ability, and so its inflation tends to come as a shock both to its predator and itself. The puffern is also an odd mix of bird and plant, and can photosynthesize to a limited extent as well as ingest food. Elements: flight, confusion

The reticruel hangs itself on objects that seem important. When passing adventurers examine it, it tries to eat them. Element: surprise
  1. NonAnalogue
    It's totally mad.
    Mar 3, 2015
  2. Pikachucat
    one looks mad so are you mad bro
    Mar 3, 2015