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Ennen Creatures: Set 4

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 4.png
NonAnalogue From left to right:

The dancing mushroom awakens at night and dances under the moonlight with other dancing mushrooms. They subside mostly on dew that forms on low-hanging plants. In the day time, they lay down roots and shelter under bigger mushrooms. Elements: plant, poison

The vermeliad is another carnivorous plant, like the seedstalker. What looks like a stamen is actually not unlike a frog's tongue, in that it can extend to snag passing prey and draw them in. Most vermeliads eat small things like insects, but some bigger ones will actually eat small birds, lizards, and mammals. Element: plant

Demons in Ennen are a bit of a weird thing - they take the form of spheres with constantly-shifting innards of fire and smoke. They feed through possession - they infect nearby prey and gradually absorb their essence. As is traditional, demons can't abide the touch of iron and steel, and churches in Ennen have found ways to repel them. Elements: shadow, fire

The wood-fired frog will ingest small bits of wood and other plant life, then use them to roast prey that it catches in its giant mouth. Smoke is expelled through a vent in between its eyes. If predators are not careful, a careless kill of a wood-fired frog can spark wildfires in jungles. Elements: fire, water