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Ennen Creatures: Set 2

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 2.png
NonAnalogue Okay, counter-clockwise from top:

The incredibly sane bat gets its name because it is, in fact, incredibly sane. The less obvious part of this is that it gets that way by eating the sanity of those who pass it by, meaning that travelers journeying through caves generally come out a bit more unhinged than when they entered. If an incredibly sane bat eats too much, they explode, leaving the surrounding area more serious and easy to decipher. Elements: void, flight

The fireslug is, according to many leading theologians, proof that the gods don't want people to have gardens. In fact, the fireslug was made by Dirata, the goddess of twos, to be the natural predator of the fireproof fly, despite the fact that slugs and flies never really had much of a predatorial relationship to begin with. The theologians who know this use it as proof that Dirata should probably stick to twos and not venture into biology. Element: fire

The monoculler was made by a mage - Smythe III the Obscenely Wealthy. He thought that the great outdoors weren't nearly high-class enough, and took it upon himself to fix that. That his solution was a bunch of animate monocles says a lot about his imagination. Element: crystal

The judgmental yam dislikes you and your life choices. Elements: plant, emotion