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Ennen Creatures: Set 18

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 18.png
NonAnalogue The stout stoat is very similar to its non-stout brethren in regards to habitat and behavior. Where it differs is, as may be obvious, its size. When hunting prey, the stout stoat will body slam potential food into submission. The stout stoat will also use its bulk when challenging other creatures for dominance over territory. The spectacle of two stout stoats facing off gave rise to the Ennen sport wrestling, which involves donning fur shrouds and attempting to bodily toss opponents out of the wrestling ring. Element: earth

The bwelp is a bit of a mystery. Experts are flummoxed as to how it isn't extinct - all it can do is waddle slowly from one place to the next, make a quiet 'bwaaah' noise when startled, and open its mouth and wait for food to fall in it. The leading theory is that they taste incredibly bad, so it has no natural predator. Element: void

The hissguise is a rare serpent found only in cold areas. Possessing sentience and human-level intelligence, the hissguise can shapeshift into the form of creatures near its habitat. There have even been reports of hissguises taking the form of humans and living in towns and villages undetected. The one giveaway of a hissguise are the wings on its head; shapeshifted hissguises will always have the same wing-tuft somewhere on its body. Element: chill, air

Side notes: Used Midbus art from Mario & Luigi for the stoat, just to get the heft looking right. And the hissguise looks like a Dratini, which was completely unintentional.
  1. Pikachucat
    hahaha there look like the best team ever
    Mar 14, 2015